Adopt Your District


What places in Washington, DC, are special to you? We can help you and your friends and neighbors keep them clean!

By adopting blocks, parks, and streams in your community, you are supporting and protecting neighborhoods and the environment.

Adopt A Block

  • Help keep your neighborhood clean by picking up litter on a local street

Adopt A Park

  • Help keep a neighborhood park clean through routine litter pick up

  • Help keep your adopted park safe by reporting needed repairs

Adopt A Stream

  • Help the District learn more about local trash issues by collecting data on types of trash polluting a local District stream

  • Help keep District waterways clean by organizing and leading cleanups along your adopted stream at least twice per year

Use our map to identify a good spot. Look for areas not already marked for Adopt a Block, Main Street Corridors, or Business Improvement Districts. Then choose the program you're interested in below!